Disaster Management with Philip Keshiro

School Safety / Security

There has been much dialogue on this issue especially since the unfortunate incident in Dapchi town in Maiduguri where 110 girls were abducted after the Chibok incident.
Many have advocated that the Military, Police, and even the Civil Defence Corps should be posted to schools. I would want to say that the call to post uniform men to school will not work.
What the nation is facing relating to abduction in schools especially those of our female hostels are multi-headed problems from inadequate facilities, apathy among the State Governments, school authorities, and lack of knowledge or willingness to apply simple, homemade security measures.
School Authority – The school Authority should undergo security training to know the areas of vulnerabilities relatively to the threats within the school / villages /town environment. This will help school authorities to provide or recommend changes to enhance security within the school complex itself.

The role of the State Government to provide needed funding and meet the various request is much important because at the end of the day, what we are grappling with is reputational issues which has shown that Nigeria is not a safe country. (For full story, click here)

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