Top 3 Reasons You Should Have a Computerised Vehicle Inspection



When was the last time you took your vehicle for an inspection of its compartments to make sure it’s safe for the roads? If you haven’t done it or you have never seen the need to, then it’s time you considered it.


However, before you conclude that vehicle inspection is one of those things that you don’t have to do, let me be the first to tell you that it has become a statutory obligation and its process far more sophisticated than it used to.


Vehicle inspection, especially in Lagos State, is no longer an open and check system. It has undergone a radical transformation that puts it at par with global standards. In Lagos State, vehicles owners have to be more responsive and show commitment to vehicle and road safety by presenting their vehicles to the Lagos Computerised Vehicle Inspection Service (LACVIS) centres for inspection upon which they will be issued a roadworthiness certificate if the vehicle passes the inspection.


At every LACVIS centre, which is the government approved inspection centre, vehicles undergo different tests which ascertain the condition of the vehicles to know if it is roadworthy or not. These tests are in two phases: computerised and visual. LACVIS is called a computerised inspection centre because the inspections are carried out using sophisticated computerised gadgets and tests records are electronically entered into the registration database to ensure accuracy and integrity of the results.


A vehicle undergoing the computerised inspection will be examined for its gas emission, lights and visibility, brakes efficiency, alignment, suspension, axle wheels, tyres, chassis and chassis attachments and other tests. When all these parts and components are certified okay, the vehicle owner will be issued a road worthiness certificate by a resident VIS officer.


Now that you know what to expect when you visit a LACVIS centre, let’s see the top 3 reasons why you should be preparing for your vehicle inspection.


  1. It is your personal and patriotic commitment to safety.


You are only as safe as the vehicle you are driving. This means that if everyone is committed to vehicle inspections, there will be a drastic reduction of fatalities on the highways caused by defective vehicles. Hence, you owe it to yourself, your family and to fellow road users to drive only government-approved inspected vehicles.


  1. You have invested in the assurance of a healthier lifestyle.


The fact is that when your vehicle is in top shape, you are assured of enjoying your plans, dreams and aspirations. Your goals can only be achieved when you have the life to pursue it. However, insistence on driving defective vehicles can cut short your dreams and incapacitate you to a point where such dreams might be compromised.


  1. You help the government plan better for your welfare

Computerised vehicle inspection is data-driven and the records systematically analysed for easier adoption. With precise information originating from the inspections, you give the legislature insights into recommendations that could be made to ensure a better welfare package for your needs, especially in the automobile industry.


Now that you know you are in control of your safety, ensure you schedule a time to have your vehicle inspected. To know more about how you can get a computerised vehicle inspection at LACVIS, send an email to


Akintuyi Abike

Corporate Social Media Relations