Why Elites Should Be Careful When Employing Domestic Staff – Police Boss

Good Neighbourliness Key to Public Safety – Kolade, ex Nigerian High Commissioner to UK

The Area H Police Commander, Lagos, ACP Mohammed Dankwara has advised Nigerian elites against employing domestic staff without conducting due diligence.

He said cases of domestic staff attacking their employers or pillaging their properties was becoming rampant, noting that conducting security checks before employing them would help stem the tide.

Dankwara disclosed this at the maiden Safety and Security Summit organised by The Helper’s House, a religious organisation, at Banex Hotels and Suites, Anthony, Lagos on May 10.

He said, “This one goes to the elites. When hiring guard, house help, driver, most of the time you see our people just going to get somebody just like that without taking that person to be profiled.

“There is a case in question now that originated from one of the places. They hired some ‘maiguards’ without knowing where they came from or their actual home.

“After committing their atrocities, they left and they were untraceable.”

Dankwara, who was special guest at the event, further disclosed that profiling was necessary because of criminal syndicates that specialises in recruiting domestic staff that are then used to steal women’s expensive jewelleries and other personal effects.

He said that some of the fake recruitment agencies usually kept the girls on stipends until when their services would be required by unsuspecting members of the public seeking to engage the services of house helps.

“Stories have revealed that there are some syndicates of criminals that usually recruit girls as housemaids and they know that the elites will probably come and look for such housemaids.

“Their mandate is that they (housemaids) can even go to your house and work for a year or two.

“What they specialise in is that they will only steal your wife’s jewellery and money, and you will never see them again.”

Dankwara, who revealed that a particular house help bolted with jewelleries worth N40 million and some hard currencies belonging to her employer, revealed that some financiers of the syndicates have been nabbed.

“That is why I have to bring it to the notice of people. Don’t just see anybody and say you want to employ her as a house-help,” he said.

The police boss while speaking along the summit’s theme “Partnering for a Safer, More Serene and Secure Community” appealed to community people to liaise with the police for the cause of public safety.

He lauded Anthony residents for cooperation between the Anthony Police Division and the community, saying it had made his job easier.

“We are partners in progress. Police cannot do it on its own; we have to join hands with members of the community,” Dankwara stressed.

Former Nigerian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Dr Christopher Kolade, who was guest speaker at the event, urged Nigerians to be proactive in safety and security matters to protect themselves and their neighbours.

He said since no one has a back eye, everyone should be his neighbour’s eye at the back to ward off danger, noting that everyone is indirectly protecting himself by protecting others.

The Convener, Pastor Niyi Adekunle said The Helper’s House, which is based in Anthony, took the initiative to organise the summit to raise safety and security awareness among residents of the area.