6 Things your kids must know about home safety


It is imperative for our kids to be informed about things that pertain to their safety at home. As parents, we owe it a duty to keep informing them and lay good examples so that when they need to take quick action regarding their own safety, they would not be caught napping. Remember that their safety is your safety.

Here are a few practical steps we should put them through regarding their safety.

  1. Hot water spill on body: Children cannot be too careful at home especially in the kitchen. We have heard many cases of hot water spill on children when an adult was not in place to monitor. In a situation that your older kids accidently spill hot water on themselves, educate them on what must be done. For example tell them to always apply cold water as soon as possible to the affected area. Application of petroleum jelly is another option.
  2. Learn to switch off all appliances: Apart from trying to save cost on electricity bills, it is important to inform or educate your kids on why it is necessary to always switch off all major appliances especially when there is no power supply. They must know that there could be power surge when eventually electricity comes at home. There have been cases like that in different parts of the country where homes and other buildings went up in flames due to a spark from power surge. When you come across such news in the media, endeavor to call their attention to it as a case study.
  3. Clean wet floors immediately: Our kids cannot but spill water at home either deliberately or carelessly. A wet floor is always a risk. Many kids have broken their hands, leg or head as a result of slipping on wet floors. Whatever the case, let them cultivate the habit of mopping up spilled water on the floor especially cemented floors in different parts of the home without delay. The consequences are that anyone can be a victim of trip or falls at home due to spilt water.
  4. Do away with sharp objects: Kids may not know the danger of playing with sharp objects at home. Hence, they are tempted to play with objects like knife, scissors, needles, nails, hammers, saws, etc. We as parents may even (unintentionally) encourage them to handle some of these objects, especially times after making use of tools we forget to return to their rightful places.

But a situation where you have tutored your kids on the dangers of handling these objects carelessly, when they see them around, it’s either they call your attention to it or they pick it up themselves and keep them in a safe place where it would not cause bodily harm.

  1. Never play with inflammables: Countless numbers of cases of fire outbreak across the length and breadth of Nigeria have been recorded, no doubt. That is increasingly more likely now that the dry season is fast approaching. As parents, we must inform our kids about the danger of playing with match sticks, candles, fireworks and the likes as this may spark up fire if we are careless. The state fire services and other emergency-response agencies have always campaigned against the careless use of inflammable materials. Prevention as they say is better than cure. Safety is more of prevention than mitigation.
  2. Emergency numbers must be known: For parents who reside in Lagos, there have been calls by various government agencies on why everyone young and old must be aware of the emergency phone line. It has become paramount to keep your children informed about the Lagos State Emergency line which are 112 and 767. You may never know when it will be needed. And for readers outside of Lagos, it is important to arm your kids with crisis and emergency lines of your state of residence. Their lives could depend on it. Remember that safety is everyone’s business, including our kids too.