Lagos Fire Boss Makes Case for Fire Extinguishers in Homes, Vehicles

Against the backdrop of incessant fire incidents across the state, the Director of Lagos State Fire Service, Mr. Rasaq Fadipe, has reiterated the importance of Lagos residents having a fire extinguisher in their homes, as well as, their vehicles.
Speaking recently with journalists at a safety event in Lagos, Rasaq said that everyone needed to know how to use the fire extinguisher in case of any emergency.
He stated that the rate of fire incidents would be reduced in homes and on the roads if fire extinguishers were effectively utilized.
Rasaq said, “It is very important for everybody to know how to make use of fire extinguishers. It is very important. It is basic for everyone to have a fire extinguisher in their homes. I wonder how people go about with vehicles worth millions of naira without having a fire extinguisher.
“They have forgotten that if there is a fire incident, the only thing you will be able to take away from that place is your key; that’s if you are even lucky enough to take away your key. So how much will it cost you to have a fire extinguisher in your house or in your vehicle?
“It’s not going to be there till thy kingdom come, you must make sure it is maintained till when it will be used. You can’t just keep it in your house and leave it like that you must make sure you check it regularly.
He also reiterated the need for the public to memorize the emergency phone lines, stressing that it is a lifeline to those who know the numbers in times of emergency.
“It is also very important for you to learn the emergency numbers because nobody knows when it can happen. I have seen instances of an emergency where some people instead of calling the emergency control unit; they started calling their friends to help them to call the fire service or to call the Ambulance.
“Assuming it’s an outbreak of fire, it never waits. The rate at which fire burns is very rapid. So by the time you are calling this and calling that, instead of calling the emergency line, the fire will have already razed everything and by the time the fire service comes around, they start castigating them.
He added, “So the emergency line is 767 or 112 and I want to say that it is very important and compulsory to memorize it. If people can memorize their fiancé’s number, they should have no problem memorizing the emergency number, which is something that will protect you and save your life.”
According to him, the emergency line has been promoted by the Lagos State government and the fire agency. It is a three digit line, which would be easy for people to remember.
“Also, it is free. You don’t need to have any money on your phone to call and it works perfectly. Everybody should memorize the emergency line. When you call it, we will quickly dispatch the necessary emergency to respond,” he added.
On the awareness of the emergency line at the grassroots, the fire boss said that the public has a role to play in the awareness of the emergency line.
He said, “The government has established agencies that are going about enlightening and sensitizing the public on how to avert emergencies and how to make sure that when there is an emergency, they will be able to act on a knowledge of what needs to be done in other to curtail it before it gets out of hand.
“Truth is, the public also have a role to play. It’s not only going to be left for government agencies alone. Every person who knows the emergency number should not hesitate to pass the message to people in the mosques, and churches and in the general neighborhood they live in. Let them know that there is an emergency line.”