Elizade Educates Drivers On Safety, Vehicle Maintenance

Regulators and experts in road safety were on hand in Lagos recently to offer drivers relevant trainings and to share practical tips on how to improve their driving skills, maintain their vehicles and ensure they stay alive for themselves, their families and their organisations.
According to the convener of this annual event for drivers, Elizade Nigeria Limited, Lagos, the training is the company’s way of showing care for users of her brand.

Speaking on behalf of the company, the Deputy Manager and Head of After-Sales, Mr. Oluwasayo Oluwaniyi, urged motorists not to entrust their automobiles in the hands of charlatans if they hope to derive maximum comfort from the cars throughout their lifespan.
He said that the company advised them to give their vehicles utmost care and respond to any slightest signal indicating an imminent problem before the situation gets complicated.

According to Oluwaniyi, “The amount of care you give to your car will, to a large extent, determine how well and how long it will serve you.”
He said it was important for drivers to always have a quick check on their vehicles, especially in the morning before driving out and cautioned them against patronising roadside mechanics or technicians that they had no confidence in.

Oluwaniyi enjoined the participants to always pay due attention to the operation/running of their vehicles, and stressed the need for regular servicing of their vehicles using genuine lubricants and spare parts.

According to him, when the service is delayed or denied, the engine or other major components of the vehicle may be exposed to early damage and the owner may pay heavily for that.

For instance, Oluwaniyi said, it was important to service a new vehicle after the first 1000km; the next and subsequent service should be done after covering 5,000km.

“Even when the car is not in use, it is advisable to carry out the service because the engine oil and other components could solidify or get damaged as a result of long parking,” he said.

He noted those who maintained their vehicles through regular service spent less as they hardly embarked on any major repair work, adding, “maintenance is cheap; repair is expensive.”

He gave an example of a customer who drove his new car for over nine months and covered hundreds of kilometres, without changing the engine oil, which later caused a big damage to the vehicle.

He said, “The man started noticing a strange noise from the enigine; he ignored it. When it began to inhibit its movement, and it was getting out of hand, he decided to bring the vehicle to our service centre.”

The Manager also faulted the claim by some people that it was cheaper to maintain a Toyota vehicle outside than doing it at the dealer’s workshop.
According to him, accredited dealers have special tools to diagnose vehicles’ problems; they make use of original spare parts and work with precision in accordance with the manufacturer’s direction.

The process at the dealers’ workshop, he said, might be long but thorough and would keep the vehicle’s engine intact to the end of its lifespan.