Oil Sector: Managing Process Related Incidents

…IOSH-Nigeria Informal Network Group advocates implementation of Process Management System (PSM) in process and chemical/production industry 

The Oil and Gas sector has been a major contributor to the Nigeria economy; and equally played a dominant socio- economically role, which has had its effects on the life of its citizens.
Despite the big role it plays in the economy, the Oil and Gas sector could equally be unfriendly if adequate safety measures are not taken to checkmate its activities, and aid to keep the environments from turning a danger to the same economy it nurtures.
This was the point of discourse at a safety seminar on the 13th of August 2016, organized by the IOSH-Nigeria Informal Network Group held at Kevron Consulting Limited, Ikeja, Lagos.
The seminar which has the theme, “The Application of PHAST in Offshore and Onshore Production Facility Design and Operations” was aimed at exposing IOSH Members, anyone interested in the field of health and safety and other technical and non-technical professionals in safety-in-design and QRA application.
Presenting the Seminar, Principal Consultant of DM Sheffield Ltd, an Oil and Gas consulting company in Lagos, Mr. Okudor Emmanuel, exposed a gap in the Oil and Gas industry and explores how integrating Process Safety Management (PSM) can close this gap.
The gap which ranges from the releases from pipeline, pressure vessels, potential discharge, dispersion, fires, and explosions all have a toxic effect in the environment owing to the high energy content in Oil and Gas.
Okudor noted, “The toxic releases into the environment are caused by poor maintenance of equipments in the sector and the lack of mechanical integrity leading to the failure of critical mechanical equipment which would result to slurry production time and equipment breakdown.”
The further consequence of this, he said, would be, “toxic releases which can go into the water and they would affect a lot of people around the community. This is a gap we need to fix.”
In a bid to seal this gap, Okudor introduced a global software called PHAST (Project Hazard Analysis Software Tool), invented by DNVGL which has over 3000 users who have embraced its utility.
He said, “This software helps to identify and detect some risks that will give you a good knowledge of how to set up a good facility layout. It simulates the energy that goes into the atmosphere – be it fire or pressure wind; so once you estimate the extent to which this will affect surroundings in a particular area; you will not try to build facilities close to that area.
“PHAST is commonly used by design engineers for consequence modeling; and the output of consequence modeling can be used for safer facility citing, layout, and building evaluation. The application of PHAST will not only prevent or minimize major incidents, but will also lead to a safer design and process equipment layout,” he said.

This software helps to identify and detect some risks that will give you a good knowledge of how to set up a good facility layout.

Okudor, who is also a Process Safety Engineer and certified Gas Distribution professional, said that most of the issues the oil and gas industry are facing, in terms Non-Productive Time (NPT) and accidents can be remotely credited to the lack of Process Safety Management Program.
“The reason we need to focus on PSM and Loss prevention is because there is a big gap in the industry. The gap created by lack of PSM program is alarming. If not taken care of in time, the resultant effect will be worse that what we are currently experiencing,” he said.
To reasonably manage the ghastly incidents posed by process related incidents, the expert who has worked with different technical disciplines in the Oil and Gas sector, called on various regulators to give attention to the development and enforcement of the PSM programs.
A Safety consultant, Mr. Johny Jason from Health Informative, said that Okudor took the professionals through the hazards and risk in…

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