Sexual Harassment in Schools: Putting a Stop to Student Molestation

The reported story of the classic controversy at Yaba, Queen’s College, seems to have died down, and event of past five months must have been totally forgotten without requisite examination aimed at preventing future occurrence. Sexual harassment in schools seems to spring up and die down unaddressed. The law should be effective, as schools shield perpetrators at the detriment of students, Emmanuel Omonlemhen writes.

Recalling the story, which took place on the 21st of March, in Lagos, a Secondary school teacher was accused of molesting a Junior Secondary School Two (JSS 2) female student in the boarding house. The presumed mother of the girl‚ Chinyere‚ filed the full story on the social media, in a bid to seek redress. However, the management of Queen’s College school dismissed the allegation‚ while also exonerating the teacher.

The presumed mother said:”I would like to report the management of Queen’s College‚ Yaba‚ Lagos. As I write, the principal and vice principal have over a month now deliberately suppressed several complaints of several harassment which my daughter and some other students have consistently reported to their class teacher‚ their year head‚ the head of department of the accused teacher and the principal’s office.

“My daughter is in JSS 2‚ Second term at Queens College. During their visiting day in the first term‚ she complained to me that there is an integrated science teacher‚ Mr. Osifala‚ who has been harassing her and some other students. I asked her if the man had touched her and she said no‚ he only tells them that they are looking beautiful and he wants to marry them. I dismissed her complaints as typical compliments from a teacher.

“Two weeks later, she called me at night and she was crying bitterly. She told me then that this same Mr. Osifala‚ who‚ by the way‚ lives in the boarding house area‚ had cornered her on her way back from easing herself just before lights out. But when she got closer to him‚ he smelled of alcohol and she ran away from him. But he ran after her and grabbed her and tried to kiss her while touching her private part. She started screaming and then…

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