4,000 Vehicles are Arrested Daily for Excessive Overloading – FRSC Boss

The FRSC Corps Marshal, Mr. Boboye Oyeyemi has disclosed that speed limit violation by motorists has remained one of the most probable causes of road traffic crashes which accounted for 26.5% of cases in 2015.
Speaking with journalists in Lagos on May 21, Mr. Oyeyemi said National Road Safety Advisory Council (NRSAC) has been proposed to oversee the implementation of the speed limit device enforcement.

He explained that speed limit violation is a major cause of road traffic crashes which 2015 estimated for about 26.5% of cases.
Mr Oyeyemi said FRSC is also set to begin an awareness campaign for mandatory rear seatbelt usage. He disclosed that as part of the Corps mandate to save lives and reduce fatalities in the event of road traffic crash, FRSC commands have commenced advisory enforcement on the use of rear seatbelts.

He explained that a minimum of 4,000 vehicles are arrested daily for excessive overloading and that FRSC is intensifying measures in this direction even amidst the deliberate attacking and killing of its officers stationed for such arrest on the roads.
Boboye therefore reminded vehicle drivers of the dangers of using phones while driving, stressing that reading text messages while driving is the most dangerous aspect of using the phone while on steering and it must be avoided at all cost.

The Corpse marshal extended his open hands of collaboration with the entire public through a 3-digit national toll-free number [122] for emergency road crash reporting, which he said is pivotal in saving lives.
He implored the press and the general public to make use of the number also to report misbehaviours of his officers in the course of their duty, promising that proper disciplinary actions will be taken in such cases.