ISPON amends policy guideline, opens leadership space for others

The Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria, ISPoN, rising from an urgent extraordinary general meeting which held recently in Lagos, has succeeded in amending certain part of her operating guideline to be in tandem with the institute’s new status made available under the ISPoN Act 2014.
The institute began the amendment process at the last Annual General Meeting (AGM), which held in Abuja in November, 2015 but was inconclusive before the recent call that proved the determination of the members to contribute towards building a representative ISPoN that meets the aspiration of every member.

Reacting, the ISPoN national President, Dr. Nnamdi Ilodiuba, who led the amendment session, said that the AGM was needful so as to meet the reality of the new status of the institution as a chartered body. He reiterated that the Abuja AGM was inconclusive, which was what prompted the urgent call.
He said, “We used to operate by constitution, but now the 2014 Act has made us rectify our guiding policy. Everybody is meant to respect the provisions of the Act.”
Ilodiuba added that he was grateful to God that the meeting was a success with very good representation from all the state branches.
Reacting to the issue of leadership and past exclusion tendencies in the organization, the president said that the leadership of the institute is democratic and that now leadership positions are fully open based on the Act to anyone who is qualified to contest and he looks forward to a good election come 2016 AGM.

A member of the Institute, Mr. Wale Bakare, Managing Director SMTS, said that the outcome of the meeting was positive most especially because members heeded to the call in attending the AGM.
He said, “This meeting showed our seriousness in and determination to contribute to the growth of building a representative ISPoN of our dreams. Our collective resolve to refuse exclusionist tendencies was rewarded and the leadership space was opened up to allow a greater number of competent people have the opportunity to aspire to leadership position.
It is hoped this will lead to more people stepping up to help build the institute instead of grumbling in the background.”
Bakare called on all members to pay their dues promptly and endeavour to vote into office those they believe would move the institute forward.

Engr. Peter Onyeri, a strong member of the institute and Africa’s representative in World body of safety said that the AGM for him was a success judging from the conduct of members in attendance. He added that meetings like this are usually sensitive and most times end up in a rancor, but was surprised that it turned out well.
Foreman Onuoha, branch secretary, ISPoN Rivers state, said the outcome of the meeting met his expectation as all forms of animosity were eliminated. He said that he was glad the board of trustees was fair in their approach in handling all issues that were raised.

Dr. Odikaesieme Emmanis from Delta State branch also shared the view of Onuoha saying ISPoN does not belong to anyone single person and as such everyone should be given a level playing ground to express their opinion, as long as it will make the body move forward.
Some of the areas that were rectified include; Head of Departments portfolio, which has now been scraped, membership upgrade, tenure for elective positions, amongst others.