Safety is not seen by school owners as a cost to reckon, they just want to get paid by parents – Mrs. Aderonke Odeneye

Mrs. Aderonke Odeneye is the Director of Research and Development at the Lagos State Safety Commission. She is a Safety Expert and also a Health and Environment expert who has worked with the Ministry of Environment for 23 years and with LSSC for five years; however, her passion for children, which began from the church as a Sunday school teacher has made her commit her time to the safety of children and now school safety. In this interview with Safety Record Ass. Editor, Paul Mbagwu she gives insight into the commission’s safety campaigns to schools all over Lagos state and the basic rules of school safety and how the Lagos State government and the commission are ensuring strict compliance.

Tell us about LSSC and her school safety campaign?
The Safety of lives and property is paramount to Lagos state Government which was why the Lagos State Safety Commission came into being in 2011, July 5th to be precise.
Safety is key in all areas, but coming to school, the Lagos State Safety Commission actually started with work in school because we found out that Lagos has a lot of schools both registered and unregistered. We have schools that are in existence which are not suppose to be operating where issues have happened because of carelessness and has led to fatality, that was what brought us into school safety.