First Aid is one of those key ingredients that add meaning to human existence – Dare Akinfosile

Dare Akinfosile is an Engineer who practices as an Operation and Health Safety Professional. His scope of work boarders around safety and health risk management; conducting First Aid training, and research.
He became a member of the Red Cross Society as a teenager, and while in JSS 1 attended to his first emergency situation at the Lagos Cantonment Bomb blast where he provided not just First Aid but a lot of humanitarian services to the victims. And ever since, there has been no stopping him; he is been involved in a lot of emergency responses – from bomb blast to plane crash, collapsed building, fire disasters, road traffic accidents, and so on. Humanitarian and First Aid activities has became a part of his life and schedule. In this interview with Paul Mbagwu, Ass. Editor, Safety Record Newspaper, he talks on importance of salvaging a nation’s economy by making humanitarian service everyone’s duty.

Why do we have to think First Aid in everything we do because that seems to be the message we are getting everywhere, on the social media, on the TV and at major events like the just concluded Lagos Marathon- why First Aid?
First Aid is quite interesting. Whatever we do makes meaning because we are alive; If you are injured or suddenly fall ill you will not be able to do anything. First Aid is one of those key ingredients that add meaning to human existence.

But generally, the impression is that First Aid is there to intervene during emergencies?
That is quite right, but professionals are who make use of First Aid and emergency response, it is beyond that. First Aid is in different categories. In terms of education, you are informed of what to do in case of an emergency in order to intervene properly. In another aspect, you are also informed on what to do to prevent an emergency, because first we have a very good appreciation of what that emergency is, and what causes emergency.