5 Ways To Keep Your Family Healthy During Raining Season

Raining season is the period when communicable diseases are rampant. Diseases usually spread and common when the rain commences. Food infection, water infection, Cholera, Dengue, cold and flu are common diseases associated with the raining season.

The following simple precaution can make you keep your family healthy and save you from paying bill unnecessarily at the hospital during the raining season. They are:

  1. Ensure you warm your foods before eating it;
  2. Ensure your environments are clean and hygienic to prevent the family from infectious organisms;
  3. Ensure your hands are properly and thoroughly washed before eating and before feeding the children;
  4. Ensure your children are prevented from playing in stagnant and contaminated water as it may lead to skin infection;
  5. Ensure you disposed your dust bin on time.