“Lassa fever prevention lies majorly on proper environmental hygiene and cleanliness”

Damilola Akindejoye, CEO, Dustitup

Damilola Akindejoye is the Chief Executive Officer of Dustitup. She is a female and fast rising entrepreneur, who seeks to make a difference providing environmental hygiene and cleaning services within the corporate circle. Her passion and quality delivery has made her enjoy job referrals. In this brief interview, she lends her voice to the recent spread of Lassa fever and how everyone should maintain proper hygiene.
Can you tell us about yourself?
I am Damilola Akindejoye, Founder of Dustitup Cleaning & Fumigation Service. I Have a Bsc. in Economics, MBA in HRM and few professional courses in Psychosexual therapy – you probably wondering why Psychosexual therapy? I am a woman of many businesses, but let’s just leave that out for another interview.

Can you tell us about Dustitup and how it started?
Dustitup was born out of a banking hall I walked into that had very dirty surroundings, and when I saw it, I thought to myself why this? I spent the whole day thinking about reasons why a banking hall had such dilapidated surroundings, emanating from a simple Nigerian problem – zero maintenance culture.