Fire service are the first and major responders to any emergencies anywhere – Fadipe Rasak, Director, Lagos State Fire Service

Fadipe Rasak
The Lagos State Fire Service under the leadership of the State Director, Mr. Fadipe Rasak Idowu has recorded several successes in quelling fire emergencies in Lagos State. Thanks to the state of the art equipments and support it has received from the state government.
In this interview with Safety Record News Editor, Yinka Padonu, the 9jaSAFE 2015 Award winning fire service director gives insight into current challenges and his achievements since assumption of office.

Can you please introduce yourself and your journey as Director of the Lagos State Fire Service thus far?

My name is Fadipe Rasak Idowu, the Director of Lagos State Fire Service. It is interesting to let you know that it was not my direct plan to work with the fire service back then. But as fate would have it, I found myself there without regret.
But, let me say here that it has always been in me to come to the aid of people, especially those that are distressed. I was actually looking for an opportunity to serve people. I remember there was a particular incident of fire outbreak many years ago in an open market, then I was still in primary school. What amused me was that the fire truck that responded then was unable to really reach the scene of the incident, but surprisingly the driver of the truck was able to maneuver the truck to reach the site. So people appreciated the driver. Since then, I developed an interest in fire service. I wanted to serve humanity.