We train our people to become safety conscious at home the same way they do it at work – Mr Kingsley Okogie, Manager, HSEQ, African Circle Pollution Management Limited

Mr Kingsley Okogie, Manager, HSEQ, African Circle Pollution Management Limited

Twelve years ago, African Circle was established with the sole aim of setting the pace in environmental and workplace safety. Today, the company stands tall in its various achievements, with its safety policy as a pointer to the fact that business is beyond profit making but securing the lives of the workforce, which in turn drives the process of making profit.  In this interview with Safety Record Newspaper’s Asst. Editor, Paul Mbagwu, the HSEQ Manager, Mr. Kingsley Okogie, shares useful insights on the safety activities that strongly positioned the company to the humble height it has attained, especially as a nominee at the maiden edition of the Nigeria Safety Award for Excellence 2015. Excerpt.

Can you tell us about yourself and the background of the organization?

My name is Kingsley Okogie.  I am the Health Safety, Environment and Quality Manager (HSEQ) of African Circle Pollution Management Limited. The company started in 2003 with a mandate to provide reception facilities, that is, waste reception facilities at the Nigerian Port.

I joined them in 2003 when it started; I assisted in the development of the safety department. I didn’t actually start with the Safety Department, I started with Operations, but as time went on, I started to look at the risk of the job and how it can be reduced. There was no safety department, per se from the beginning and we started from the scratch; we were looking at operations and I had the mandate of providing reception facilities for vessels only at the Nigerian port.

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